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Into Your Hand

By Buh Meh Chu



My name is Buh Meh Chu and I am a singer, songwriter and acoustic guitar player. My genre is Christian and Soulful music.

I believe music should be beautiful and meaningful and one of my goal is to bring back the beautiful ballads of the previous generations, back to our modern times. My debut album "Into your hands" will be released sometime in August. I am currently performing mostly covers", but also I play a few original songs from my debut album, and I will be doing so until I am more established as an artist.

Thank you for checking me out and I can't wait to share the gift of music with you all. To keep up with me, follow me at Buh Chu on Instagram or my Youtube channel which is Just my name.

May God bless you!


"My name is Buh Meh Chu, and I am the Prince of Heaven. Mine is the seat at the left hand of Glory, and I bear the great burden of divine judgement with Christ our King. Our heavenly father hath sent me forth to teach the way of divine perfection, which is the way of the kingdom of heaven, where all do the will of the father by: trust, humility and obedience.

I have said much; and have much more to say about the father’s house. You can find a few of the words which the father hath given me to speak on my Instagram, which is my primary social media platform. I pray that you may find great joy in Christ; and be blessed abundantly through him; so that you may be blessing to others and God may be glorified.

I humbly ask for your prayers, as I seek to do my duty; and know that you are in my prayers, as you seek to do yours. May the peace, joy and love of Christ be with you

Your brother in Christ.

“A single eucharist received with great devotion is more valuable to the soul than a thousand sermons”



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05 Aug

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